From Twitter to the Blogosphere

I’ve known for some time that 140 characters and instagram alone were not enough space for my musings, criticisms and occasional rambling. But sometimes you really need an impetus to kick your butt into high gear. Before I knew it, July turned into feminist events central and I realized I better get this blog going or I would be spending a whole lot of time in the future wishing I had.

So here we are at Boricua Feminist the blog (thanks to a whole lot of help and encouragement from my partner). A space to call my own. To discuss feminism in all its glory. To (still) talk about Buffy because it is and always will be the greatest TV show. EVER. Where I can critique pop culture as much as praise it. Deconstructing the patriarchy and dismantling racism are some of my favorite things to do.

In the end it’s all me, a 30 something Latina from Northampton, current Bostonian, MHC alum, Women’s Studies major to the bone, law school grad who works in higher ed but refuses to let her feminist activist be silenced *deep breathe* here we go….